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New Overlord was founded in February 1971 based by way September 1 to n.25 in Santa Croce sull'Arno in Pisa (town that time has played a key role in the growth of the tanning industry, both in Italy, that in a much larger international scene). In the historic site, is done being worked on called "Riviera", where the leather undergoes a first selection followed by tanning. In the second phase, which is inside of the new and modern establishment located at Via San Tommaso No.189 are made of  leather finishing processes and then with inevitable quality control of finished product, as well as shipments to the customer. The experience and the attention of the owners, the high level of expertise of the staff, combined with the corporate culture techniques, enhance the characteristics of the leather, enhancing the look, feel and ease.



Key features of the company has always been based on the following points: The continuous efforts aimed at finding environmentally friendly materials and procedures. The guarantee of the quality of the leather with their suitability for long time. The continued technical and stylistic innovation. Machinery suitable for the safety of employees. The increasing attention to the finished product certifications for both the environment and for the safety of the consumer. Reliability and experience that characterizes the work of the company for over forty years is in markets around the world. 




Conceria Nuova Overlord spa     Via S. Tommaso 189 – 56029 S. Croce sull’Arno – Pi –       PI 00928180504 REA 89151

Capitale sociale interamente versato: 500.000 €